Personal Injury

When you are harmed in an accident that was caused by negligent behavior, you are entitled to seek fair compensation for financial and other claims related to that incident. Claims such as medical expenses, rehabilitation, therapy, long-term care, loss of income can be pursued through lawsuits and other legal actions. People who want justice for this type of accident get the legal advice and representation they need at the Law Firm of Zachary C. Holbrook, in Ogden, UT.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney

Drivers who do not pay attention to the road ahead, or who do not follow driving laws cause injury and death every day across this nation. Other accidents occur due to a part or equipment failure that results when a company has failed in design, manufacture or installation of that product. There are many other factors that contribute to personal injury accidents.

Personal Injury claims can be pursued for many reasons, including:

  • Vehicle Accidents – injuries/fatalities
  • Medical Malpractice – birth injuries, surgical or pharmaceutical errors, substandard care
  • Product Failure – injuries due to product defects
  • Hazards – slip & fall accidents, safety violations

If you have suffered injuries from an accident, seek fair compensation for your expenses and other damage claims. Contact the Zach to learn how we can help you. Call now, at (801) 627-2646.