Family legal issues in Ogden, UT can be some of the most complex and emotionally trying in existence. In addition to dealing with the issue itself, relationships also come into play. This can make resolving family law matters especially difficult, especially during times of transition.

Zachary C. Holbrook helps clients maintain family bonds while also resolving their legal matters. He works with clients to help them determine the best options for themselves and for their children, if children are involved.

Divorce and other family disputes can be extremely emotional. It can be difficult to see your way through to a reasonable solution, but working with an experienced family attorney can help. It also ensures your rights are protected and that you have someone in your corner focused on getting you what you deserve.


Divorce is difficult on everyone in a family, even under the best of circumstances. Whether you and your former spouse are at odds over every single decision that needs to be made in the divorce or you agree on most issues but have found a few sticking points, Zachary can help.

He understands the most common issues that arise during the dissolution of a marriage, but he also knows that ever family is different and has its own unique circumstance and needs. His goal is to help clients resolve matters related to divorce, child support, alimony, and anything else that might arise in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

He also knows how important it is for every member of a family with children to focus on the best interests of the child. No matter who he is representing as a client, he will put the well-being of the children in the family above all else when offering guidance and support.

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Zachary can help. He is familiar with the Ogden, UT court system and can explain to you what you can expect if you are in the midst of a custody or support dispute. These issues are extremely common in family law disputes and can be charged with emotions. Zachary guides clients through the process of negotiating a reasonable support agreement and helps families take advantage of the trend toward sharing parental responsibilities rather than the more traditional single-parent custody arrangements of decades past.

It is possible to end a marriage without the process turning into a contentious battle that leaves everyone bitter and resentful. Doing so is always in the best interest of the most vulnerable members of the family. Zachary can offer support and guidance and help you through this challenging time.

Even if your marriage did not go as planned or another family law matter has changed the direction of your life, you can still make the most of your future and ensure that your children are protected. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Zachary to discuss your family law issue in Ogden, UT, contact him at 801-317-4764 or by email at [email protected]

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